Board Nominations 2017

This is an exciting opportunity to give back to your profession and gain experience in governance.
Please submit your completed application by 29th May 2017.

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NZDOHA/NZDHA Joint Conference 7-8 July 2017
Southland Product & Equipment Update 10 June 2017
Christchurch Product & Equipment Update 20 May 2017

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Members help preserve and promote the interests of the dental & oral health therapy professions. Through their collective membership they enhance the professional profile of dental & oral health.

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Our Vision

We are a team of caring Oral Health professionals who empower all people to achieve an improved quality of life while upholding the integrity of our profession.

The oral health of New Zealanders has improved over the years, but dental decay remains the most prevalent irreversible chronic disease in New Zealand.

Oral health is a crucial part of our general health and is more than just looking after our mouth and teeth. Recent research on the links between oral and systemic health clearly show that it is vital that all
communities, young and old, are exposed to health promotion and disease prevention messages.

Oral health therapists work alongside other health professionals in oral health care teams and have skills in dental therapy, dental hygiene and health promotion. They provide treatment and education
to help us keep our smiles bright and healthy for a lifetime.

Oral health therapists must be registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand and hold an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).